Expert Advice on Penis Enlargement

Expert #1 (online sex therapist)

Select a site that you trust. Its a very hard thing to do when there are so many sharks in the water. Beware of poor imitations. E-mail the company and ask questions if you need to. Don’t fall prey to sites that claim to double your penis size!. That simply doesn’t happen. Neither does a 4 size increase!

Expert #2 (enlargement web-forum moderator)

Choose a site or company that has researched these techniques and penis enlargers thoroughly. Many of these websites don’t know what they’re talking about half the time. Its better to spend your money on a site that offers a lot of valuable information at a reasonable cost no different than if you were buying a good self-help manual from the bookstore.

Expert #3 (consulting firm associate)

Don’t overspend on sites offering online video tutorials. These videos are supposed to show you how penis enlargement exercises work. Many times though, they’re nothing but cheap-looking animated gifs that show men masturbating. Pictures and diagrams aren’t always helpful either. Sometimes the photos display something completely different from what the directions say, confusing the whole process. There are a couple of sites that offer some worthwhile videos and pictures if that’s something really important to you.

Expert #4 (urology technician)

Consider your personal health and safety first. If you’re seriously considering penis enlargement or are experiencing abnormal penis growth, its a good idea to consult your own urologist or physician.

Expert #5 (online medical expert)

Do some research of your own if you’re skeptical of enlargement programs. Explore all solutions surgery, traction devices, pumps, patches, exercises. They may not all work, but at least youre well-informed.

Expert #6 (writer for Men’s Health Magazine)

Be cautious of sites claiming to cure Peyronies Disease or other serious penile conditions! Peyronies is a serious disorder that should be treated strictly by a physician. I’ve personally spoken with two men who have worsened their condition by attempting to straighten their penises using enlargement exercises. One of the men is in agony most of the time, and the other man ended up having major surgery.

Expert #7 (Editor, adult website newsletter)

Go with the more reputable companies who express an interest in seriously helping you get results. These are the ones that look after their customers and are more likely to help you achieve penis growth. That’s just good business practice.

Expert #8 (sexual health product distributor)

Be careful of Doctor-Approved sites. Write the company and ask for proof of the doctors credentials. These physicians are often NOT board-certified members of the medical profession. They’re sometimes second-rate psychologists or Third World Country quacks. Many doctors are just interested in a little extra income given to them for their endorsements. Please know that some sites are endorsed by actual, honest-to-goodness physicians. Those are the sites that are to be trusted. You have to find them first, though!