How Penis Enlargement Pills Work

Now we come to the crux of the matter. All of the fancy promises, celebrity endorsements, the glossy ads with half-naked women mean nothing. Let me repeat myself…they mean nothing. What matters, is how can these pills improve your penis size and possibly your sexual performance.

Male enhancement supplements work essentially by increasing and improving blood flow into the genital region. There are only three ways to accomplish this:

1.Actually increase penile blood flow (quantity)
2.Actually increase the diameter of the blood vessels allowing more blood to flow through and into the region (quality)
3.A combination of #1 and #2 (quantity plus quality)

This is accomplished with the use of specific formulations of certain herbs , vitamins and minerals which have been shown in clinical settings to promote either blood flow or vascular dialation resulting in increased blood flow. The real trick, is to know which products really do what they say.

Considering you’ll be taking these enhancement supplements for roughly 12 weeks, you’ll need to be as confident as possible they will perform the task.

Ideally, the supplement you decide upon should produce both the quality AND quantity of blood flow to the penile tissues needed in order for enhancement to take place. If you decide to purchase a penis enlargement supplement that only produces enhanced vessel diameter you are simply wasting your time and money. Remember, the supplement you choose must produce quality and quantity changes.

However, you need to remember, enhancement supplements don’t “magically” increase penis size overnight. The supplements when taken as directed will induce and promote extensive blood flow to the genital region causing an enhancement in erection size, more erection firmness and maximum size when both erect and flaccid. To think that using a supplement will in and by itself add 2″-3″ inches overnight is foolish, child-like and very gullible.

It has been suggested and somewhat researched that the use of male enhancement supplements along with penis enlargement exercises, penis enlargement pumps or penis enlargement devices produces dramatic results.

In order to achieve an improved quality of blood flow as well as increased quantity of blood flow, the formulations of the supplements must contain certain important and exact amounts of three very specific compounds.

That’s why it really comes down to penis enlargement pills ingredients.