How To Properly Measure Your Penis

In order to properly measure your penis, there are several things to consider. For starters, its best if you are standing up when measuring, not sitting down. Its also suggested that you measure yourself more than once. Why do this? Because factors such as room temperature and the level of your penis arousal can cause the results to fluctuate.

To measure yourself in a flaccid state, take a ruler and place it over your penis. Gently push the ruler back into your abdomen, and hold your limp penis along the ruler. Measure from the base to the head. Don’t include your testicles as part of the measurement!

To measure yourself in an erect state, gently angle your penis (while standing) until it is parallel to the floor. Press the ruler against your pubic bone, which is located just above the base of the penis. Then measure from the base to the tip.

You should measure the girth (or thickness) of your penis after you have become fully aroused. Using a piece of string or a cloth measuring-tape, you should measure the circumference of the penis at mid-shaft. Or if you prefer, you can take three different measurements at the base, the middle and the end of the penis then take an average of all three.

As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, the average human penis varies in length anywhere between 5.1 to 6.2 inches. Average girth is around 5 inches. Most penises will reach their full size approximately five years after puberty has occurred, and its size will not usually decrease as you get older.

In spite of all the myths we’ve heard over the years, there is simply no medical proof that penis size varies based on a man’s race or his height. It should also be noted that very few sexual partners (male or female) actually desire a huge penis. For most, an average size penis is just fine.

And here’s more good news! A smaller flaccid penis will have an increase in size of about 100 percent when fully erect. A medium-sized flaccid penis will increase about 75 percent when erect. Given those figures, most small and medium-sized penises end up being roughly the same size in their erect states.