Penis Enlargement Surgery

On the positive side to this one yes surgery can work BUT there is no way on this planet I was going to let anyone loose with a scalpel on my penis. No matter how desperate I was, I personally would never feel the risks would be worth it because there are large risks involved with penis enlargement surgery. Anyway here is my research on the surgery methods. Continue reading Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis Enlargement Pill Websites

According to google, the search term “penis enlargement pills” brings up 185,000 websites. Well now, doesn’t that make your search a little easier?

Obviously not. Especially when these sites are screaming out “stop taking our penis enlargement pill when you reach 10 inches.” Really?

Well, how about some solid information you can use now? Continue reading Penis Enlargement Pill Websites

Penis Length Versus Fatness

If you feel like seeking to spice up up your love life, in that case having the suitable penis thickness could be the solution you are searching for.

Here Are The Essentials
With the typical man measuring at 12.3cm (4.85 inches) in thickness, a recent analysis by ‘Psychology Today’ revealed that from 1,500 ladies questioned, the greater mass of them say they like better to sleep with a man having a thicker penis girth. Their basis for this assessment? A fatter penis provided them with better stimulation in their clitoris, letting them to get to orgasm more rapidly. Continue reading Penis Length Versus Fatness

SizeGenetics: A Key to Sexual Fulfillment

Have you ever seriously thought about making your partner happier with you? Have you ever thought of exploring other means to make your sexual encounters more pleasurable for both of you and your partner? If you have not done this yet, you better start thinking about it now. Keeping your sex life in high spirits is the main key to attain a rich lifestyle. Sexual fulfillment simply keeps you feeling youthful. Continue reading SizeGenetics: A Key to Sexual Fulfillment

Teens Like It Big!

Studies confirm: teens like it big! “The size doesn‘t matter” it’s just a lame excuse…

Does size meters? Yes it does – ladies do like it big regardless of what they are saying. Ladies do like a man with a great self confidence whose sexuality will make them forget about dildo, eggs, rings and vibrators. Yes, this is true! Teens like it big too! Continue reading Teens Like It Big!

WARNING – New Penis Size May Lead To Sexual Superpowers – Enjoy!

FACT: 65% of all men aren’t happy with the size of their penis! Man that has to be a confidence killer! Should you be concerned? Not at all! Count yourself lucky because you are not one of them.

More precisely if you share their penis size concerns you can easily switch sides. Fantastic news! Let’s see what you can… no, let’s see what you will do to make it happen! Continue reading WARNING – New Penis Size May Lead To Sexual Superpowers – Enjoy!