Penis Enlargement – More Popular Than Ever

Once upon a time, shortly before the new millennium, the Internet gave rise to a booming new industry called Penis Enlargement. It all began with a few cheaply made plastic penis pumps, followed by a blitz of natural male enhancement exercise programs, miraculous herbal pill supplements, distinctive enlargement patches and liquids, and extravagant, top-of-the-line penis growth extenders and traction devices.

What many assumed would be a passing fad proved to be an everlasting testament to mans diehard tenacity for achieving a bigger and better penis. Hundreds of enlargement sites swiftly multiplied into thousands. A few unique (and self-proclaimed) penis enlargement experts gave way to a myriad of questionable reviewers and promoters and bloggers, as well as entire male enhancement networks and conglomerates. It felt like everyone under the sun had an opinion on how to magically enlarge the penis.

These many years later, very little has changed. The penis enlargement biz is still going strong. And why, you may ask, are millions of men around the world still spending their hard-earned dollars on assorted male growth products and services? Why, in this especially difficult economy, do so many gentlemen forego life’s little luxuries in lieu of purchasing a 6-month supply of enhancement pills or a deluxe stretching contraption? The answer is simple. Because, (1), the male ego remains a very fragile thing. And, (2), because many penis enlargement products and services actually seem to work!

Penis enlargement is nothing if not controversial. Some males refuse to buy into the hype, condemning the whole industry and labeling it a sham. But the majority of genitally-challenged men, actually a very LARGE majority, believe that obtaining a bigger penis is not only possible, it’s easily and inexplicably attainable. They’ve read the inspiring reviews and testimonials, they’ve seen the compelling web-ads and television commercials, they’ve done their fair share of research on male enhancement, and most importantly, they’ve actually altered their once-pessimistic viewpoints on the subject. Success now seems plausible. No more outlandish pipe dreams about adding an inch or two. Male enhancement is a 21st century reality.

After all, if penis enlargement works for millions of other men, then why can’t it work for me? That’s the logical question that sways so many skeptics. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned from my many years as a journalist, its never to challenge the power of true believers. You don’t have to be a religious zealot in order to possess great faith. The concept of positive thinking is now widely recognized by scholars, theologians, physicians, and scientists as a legitimate method of obtaining the hearts most secret wishes.

If you BELIEVE you will have a bigger penis, then you will HAVE a bigger penis. And because there are so many tools and resources available to achieve this goal pills, exercises, extenders, devices the rest is simply a matter of minimal time and effort. And maybe a little conviction.

Yes, penis enlargement remains as popular as ever. Whoever it was that said that you can’t bottle hope, you can’t package miracles. I’m thinking that person probably never had a small penis.