Penis Enlargement Pill Websites

According to google, the search term “penis enlargement pills” brings up 185,000 websites. Well now, doesn’t that make your search a little easier?

Obviously not. Especially when these sites are screaming out “stop taking our penis enlargement pill when you reach 10 inches.” Really?

Well, how about some solid information you can use now?

It’s actually a simple three step decision process:

1.Look at their website. Does the company make unbelievable claims about what its supplement can do? Do they promise enormous gains in a week or month? Recently, one of the larger more aggressive marketing penis enlargement pill companies was closed down by the government for fraud. Most likely, if the website makes outrageous claims like above, they’ll be shut down soon for the same reason.

2.Look at their research provided. Does the website provide you sources, articles or even scientific research recommendations concerning their product formulation? If not, it’s most likely because they have none and you should find a male enhancement product website that does. How can you trust somebody trying to sell you something without any substantiation of their claims, their products or even their ingredients? As you can see, purchasing a product from such a site is unwise, but ultimately the choice is yours.

3.Look at the formulation of the product. Certain ingredients must be present in any male enhancement product in order to improve the quantity of blood flow, quality of blood flow or a combination of the two (quantity + quality).

This last one might be something new to you. It was to me until I spoke with somebody who has a Masters Degree in Human Biology from the University of Michigan.”When a supplement is ingested purported to increase any particular physiological process, this increase can be measured in both quantity and quality. Ideally, any natural supplement to have a maximum effect upon the human body must produce both a quantitative and qualitative change in the physiology and/or processes the supplement claims to have an effect on.”

Certain herbs, minerals and even amino acids have through research shown to improve smooth muscle function, contractile muscle strength, prostate gland function and production of specific hormones, enzymes and bodily fluids.

In order to to this, the formulations must be scientifically based, scientifically researched and safe to use in moderation. In light of this, some of the penis enlargement pills just don’t pass the scientific standard. Although these particular poorly formulated products won’t hurt you when taken in massive doses, they will hurt your wallet and won’t increase your size/performance.

Properly formulated male enhancement supplements produce a qualitative and quantitative change in both penile and prostate blood flow leading to:
Enhance erection size
Enhance erection strength
Enhance prostate function

Now, onto the most effective penis enlargement pill.