Penis Enlargement Pump Safety

Avoiding injury when using penis pumps for penis enlargement is important. In practice however, over pumping the penis can be easily avoided if a few simple precautions are followed and general care is taken.

Most importantly, it’s essential to keep a careful eye on the level of vacuum used and to avoid pumping for excessive periods of time.

Initially, only low levels of pressure should be applied and the effects closely monitored.

The penis should only ever be pumped to a comfortable level and if at any time pain or discomfort is experienced, pressure should be reduced immediately. Should bruising or blisters develop on either the shaft or head of the penis, a clear indication that too much pressure has been applied, the session should be terminated.

These minor injuries must be allowed to fully heal before pumping is resumed to prevent recurring problems and more serious injuries from developing. In order to avoid problems resulting from prolonged restricted blood circulation, it is also advisable to break a pumping session into several shorter sets of around ten to fifteen minutes each.

A clear sign that you have pumped too long without a break is a general darkening of the penile skin.

During a pumping session it is also important to increase vacuum pressure slowly and gradually. Applying too much force too quickly will also cause bruising and may result in more serious injury. As the penile tissue gradually expands throughout the session, the penis will be able to accommodate increased volumes of blood and more pressure can be steadily applied. Again, any discomfort or pain is a sign that the pressure has been increased too rapidly and should therefore, be reduced immediately.

Finally, it is also important to give the penis time to fully recover between sessions. Many men suggest that optimum results are achieved by performing three to four sessions per week. As with any type of exercise, over training will increase susceptibility to injury and will inhibit progress.