Penis Enlargement Pump – When Can You Use it?

A penis enlargement pump is one of the oldest male enhancement methods. Therefore it is considered to be one of the proven and safe ways. The principle is very simple: a penis enlargement pump traps the blood in the penis, so it looks larger and erect. The penis enlargement pump sucks the air out of the cylinder causing a vacuum to be created. Thus a penis enlargement pump can create a strong erection and enhance the penis.

The important disadvantage of a penis enlargement pump is that it does not provide permanent results unlike herbal penis enlargement pill programs and natural penis enlargement exercise.

Besides initially this device was not meant for male enhancement, it was used by men suffering from impotence, only then it became a penis enlargement pump.

It is not at all safe to use it as some serious side effects are possible. First of all due to regular using a penis enlargement pump a man can stop being able to maintain an erection without it. Thus a penis enlargement pump can result in a serious erectile dysfunction.

Then you should be very careful when using a penis enlargement pump as it can result in an injury. It is tempting to enhance the vacuum thus making an erection harder, but it can burst blood vessels. Besides, the testicles can be pulled into the penis enlargement pump causing severe injury. Too much suction can also result in pain and injury.

So the main recommendation here is to learn the instruction thoroughly before using a penis enlargement pump. Then don’t expect a penis enlargement pump to produce permanent results. Better don’t use it if you have no problems with your erection. As I have already said a penis enlargement pump is usually used in cases of some abnormalities, such as impotence.

It is much better and safer to choose less radical methods than a penis enlargement pump, like natural penis enlargement treatment. So now you can’t deny that you’ve just added to your understanding about natural penis enlargement, and that’s time well spent.