Penis Enlargement Surgery – An Overview

Penis enlargement surgery has been offered in the USA since 1971. This article about penis enlargement surgery will take a beginners look at this interesting subject. It will give you the information on penis enlargement surgery that you need to know most. At that time it was only plastic penis enlargement surgery offered to men suffering from severe penis abnormalities present from birth, due to penile cancer, or trauma. So penis enlargement surgery was performed only on abnormal penis structures caused by birth defects, injuries or infections. Penis enlargement surgery is also used when dealing with Peyronies disease when the penis can form a “J” or a corkscrew, making intercourse impossible.
Cosmetic penis enlargement surgery is performed on healthy penis structures to improve its appearance, i.e. to increase its size, or thickness. Cosmetic penis enlargement surgery began in the USA in the late 1980s followed by the scientific evidence in 1990. The second half of this report about penis enlargement surgery will help you to extend upon what you have learned about penis enlargement surgery in the first half.

Cosmetic penis enlargement surgery has been performed on about 10,000 men since then. However it must be mentioned here that there is no reliable information about its results and complications. Moreover cosmetic penis enlargement surgery was never approved by any medical organizations and come of them even issued policy statements against this type of penis enlargement surgery. Today penis enlargement surgery is in most cases replaced by less dangerous and radical methods, like herbal pills and exercise.

Penis enlargement surgery is a very serious step; make sure that this is the only way out. Remember that apart from penis enlargement surgery; there are many male enhancement remedies, like herbal penis enlargement and any other natural penis enlargement technique.