Penis Enlargement Surgery Questions And Answers

Most commonly asked penis enlargement surgery questions and answers. Penis surgery is also known as phalloplasty surgery or also just phalloplasty.

Question: When was phalloplasty surgery developed?
Answer: It was developed in the 1980’s.

Question: How is penis surgery accomplished?
Answer: The suspensory ligament which attaches the penis to the body is cut which is supposed to allow the penis to hang lower.

Question: Can penis enlargement surgery increase the girth (width) of my penis?
Answer: Yes and this is normally a completely separate operation. To increase girth the doctor will take fat cells from the mans body and inject them into the penis. Grafts from the mans own body or cadaver donors are now also used to widen the penis.

Question: Are there any dangers involved in phalloplasty surgery?
Answer: Yes, like any other kind of surgery, complications could arise due to infection, reaction to anesthesia or a mistake made during the actual phalloplasty surgery.

Question: If a mistake is made during the penis surgery, what other risks could there be?
Answer: Risks include lumps, scars, significant loss of sensation and impotence.

Question: Any other risks?
Answer: Yes, many men have reported that even though they could still achieve an erection, their erect penis hangs straight down because of a lack of support from having had the suspensory ligament cut to allow the penile lengthening.

Question: Are men who have had penis enlargement surgery done generally happy with their results?
Answer: Sadly, most men who’ve had phalloplasty surgery have wished they had never had it done.

Question: Is penis enlargement surgery expensive?
Answer: Penis surgery costs between $4000.00 and $11,000.00.

Question: Are there safe and effective alternatives to penis surgery?
Answer: Yes, click here to read about a highly effective, totally safe and far less expensive alternative to penis enlargement surgery.