Penis Enlargement Surgery

On the positive side to this one yes surgery can work BUT there is no way on this planet I was going to let anyone loose with a scalpel on my penis. No matter how desperate I was, I personally would never feel the risks would be worth it because there are large risks involved with penis enlargement surgery. Anyway here is my research on the surgery methods.

Penile Injection This is a method of increasing the girth of the penis by injecting fat cells from other parts of your body under the shaft of the penis. It does dramatically increase the girth of the penis BUT as the penis has no or little fat naturally on the shaft it does give the penis an unnatural feel and appearance. It can lead to loss of sensation, scarring and deformation.

Ligament Cutting The basal penile ligament is cut and the penis allowed to drop down and this can result in an apparent lengthening of the penis of up to 2 inches in some. HOWEVER when the penis elongates and hardens with an erection it can no longer get truly erect but only hangs. The results of this surgery vary greatly between individuals and some unlucky ones report no increase in length at all.

Inflatable Implants – these are generally used for men suffering from complete impotence rather than those seeking a larger member but an increase can be given if chosen. As this involves pumping air into an implant that has replaced the corpora cavernosa in the shaft of the penis it is not a very desirable method unless impotent.

Dermal Grafting this method is to gain girth not length and is wheresubcutaneous tissue is taken from one part of the body and grafted to the penis. The epidermis is peeled back and harvested and then placed around the penis shaft to grow back. Sometimes foreign material grafts are used such as AlloDerm but there is an increased risk of rejection which can lead to infection and deformation of the penis.