Sexual Frustration And Its Effects On Your Relationships

Not too many people can claim that they never had any sexual frustration in their relationship at one point or another. Let’s face it; this is a common problem that can occur.

Most of us been there and felt the ugly frustration. The question we should ask is where the problem begins? What is causing our sexual frustrations?

Almost all the times the answer is simple and it is true that women want more sex them man, there are several women out there with a higher sex drive them man. A lack of confidence in your penis size or even stress can be a cause of your low sex drive.

It is almost hard to believe that because of sexual frustration you can end up having more arguments, your partner can be unsatisfied and this can lead to unfaithfulness. This is a pretty ugly picture.

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Recent studies revealed that as much as 45% of men are not happy with their penis size. These men felt insecure about their penis size and girth of their manhood from early adolescence.

Simple math will show us if we consider that 50% of the population is male, that around 13.14 million of men wish they were bigger.

That is 13.14 million of men out there somewhere who will feel insecure about their sexual performance no matter how reassuring their partners would be.

You can easily change that and get more for your mind and body. You can be bigger then the average 5-6 inches erect, you can get to the fantastic size of 7-9 inches.

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