Why Its Important To Keep Track

The only way you can track progress is when you measure it. This is true not only for sports, business, and education, but also for your penis enlargement goal. It is essential that you keep track of penis size regularly so that you are aware of the effectiveness of the current program that you’re implementing. You just don’t do the exercises and leave it to fate or just how you “think” your little guy has grown. You have to include some objective way of measurement.

How to keep track of penis size

The best way is to measure it. By measuring, it means to use a ruler or a tape measure for objective standard. Another thing to remember is that you should measure with accuracy. To do this, you should measure your penis in the same temperature, time of the day, and erectness as much as possible. This is to eliminate any factor that can affect the actual results of your enlargement program.

Another important thing to note about measurement is that if you do it correctly, you can better tell whether a program is right for you or not. If you’re not getting the size improvement that you’re looking for, then you can either make adjustments to the frequency and intensity of the exercise, or you can just dump the program altogether and find a new one that may yield better results. You have to remember that the exercise and how it yields results is not an exact science, but measuring your penis can be. You just need to be unbiased (or at least try hard to be) to determine if you are heading toward the right direction and reaching your goal.

When should you give up a program?

It would depend on the results. This is why it’s important to keep track of penis size regularly. Once a week should do fine, but twice a week would be better. How long should a dry spell be? That would also depend on what kind of adjustment you would make after not getting results for a month or so. If you keep at it for six months with zero results, then you’re grasping at straws. You won’t know any of those unless you do regular measurements of your penis size.